What a good read!

Look what we found in the December issue of Women’s Health!! So looking forward to welcoming more of you to The Lodestar Clinic in January!

This month in Women’s Health Magazine is the Mind Issue – what a great way to remind people that your mental health is just as important as your physical health. Luckily exercise is great for both!

Exercise lifts your mood because it releases serotonin, burns up your testosterone and adrenaline, gives you time away from the humdrum of life and gives you an opportunity to attack challenges which in turn gives you confidence. Exercise also elevates your mood because you become fitter (which builds your self-efficacy), you’re out in nature with the fresh air and you’re meeting like-minded new friends! Walking just 12 minutes a day makes you happier even if its just on a treadmill. Remember: Healthy Body Healthy Mind!

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