Flexibility: Shoulders

Hunched over our desks, phones, laptops, books and tablets has made us a nation with rounded shoulders, forward protruding heads (forward relative to our shoulders) and kyphotic thoracic spines (curved upper back). This results amongst other detrimental features: very tight shoulders; tight ligaments, tendons and muscles that all protect the connections between the bones comprising…

Let’s begin!

Today was the start of the January 2018 KICKSTART and ACHIEVE¬†programmes! There’s lots going on behind the scenes so get ready for a busy 12 weeks Lodestars! For the KICKSTART programme: your first training session for the KICKSTART programme is on Friday 26th January your first Health video will be sent out on Sunday and…

Find us in Elle…

We are showcasing in the December issue of Elle Magazine! Pick up a copy today to learn more about how to look good and feel good!

What a good read!

Look what we found in the December issue of Women’s Health!! So looking forward to welcoming more of you to The Lodestar Clinic in January! This month in Women’s Health Magazine is the Mind Issue – what a great way to remind people that your mental health is just as important as your physical health….

Perseverance is key.

‘Do not give up, the beginning is always the hardest’ is so true of so many projects in life. Whether it’s going for a run, starting a new exercise class, studying for an exam, learning to drive, starting a new habit, adopting a new approach to healthy eating or even becoming a member of The…

Take us with you…

Our new bags have arrived! And are looking fabulous! So light and easy to use, we’ll be making sure every member has one for free. Spot us out and about in London, likely heading for another training session!

Care for your curves!

Hi Ladies! A supportive sports bra is essential for any exercise no matter what your size. Get measured, try on different styles, take into consideration the intensity of the exercise you’re buying for, then buy buy buy! Recommended for light intensity exercise (i.e. yoga, pilates, barre): by Nimble Activewear. Recommended for moderate intensity exercise (i.e….

Fr-iend-zy Friday!

We’re getting ready for our first Fr-iend-zy Friday when our members bring along a friend for FREE! #themorethemerrier #thosewhotraintogetherstaytogether

Sneak peak!

Wondering what we do in our group training sessions? Take a look at this week’s Monday session. Everyone was awesome!!  

Using the Healthy Lifestyle Manual

Our members are finalising their choice for the Charity Challenge this week as well as jotting down their training sessions in the Activity Record within the Healthy Lifestyle Manual. Big changes to everyday habits already – well done!