The results are in…

Our client’s BEFORE blood test results are back. With a variety of high bad fats, low good fats, high cholesterol, low iron, low vitamin D and low vitamin B12 shown in the BEFORE blood-tests, by becoming a Lodestar Clinic member they are already on their way to becoming healthier! The intensity of effort in sessions…

Stay hydrated.

Another training session is complete! With all this extra working-out, make sure you stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water. Coffee and tea do NOT count, as caffeine encourages fluid loss. Avoid smoothies and fizzy drinks as these have too much sugar in. Make water more palatable by adding fruit or simply by keeping it…

Breakfast – it’s eggsellent.

Breakfast is so important to fuel you for the day ahead. Whether you have it before or after exercise, you must have it AND it must be high in protein. Despite what many cereal companies have encouraged us to believe, sugar is not what we need first-thing, it’s protein. This makes us feel fuller for…

Oh no!

Did you miss the start of the October programme? Don’t worry… If you want to have a FREE Initial Consultation just contact us here. If you want to book a place on the October programme, there is a variable discount to the overall price (depending on how many weeks have been missed). Get in touch!


Congratulations to the newest members of The Lodestar Clinic who completed their first session today. You learnt countless new exercises and used your muscles in lots of new ways! The hardest part (starting) is over!


Wondering whether The Lodestar Clinic programme is for you? Sign up for a FREE Initial Consultation and see how much you could benefit.

On your marks, get set…

Our October programme starts THIS WEEK and we’re very excited to meet everyone who has joined us! Initial consultations have started and group training sessions begin in two days, but if you’ve not booked your place yet, now is the time!

Focus on you!

In our busy world of hectic schedules and must-do tasks for others, it is important to listen to your own wishes. What are YOUR priorities? What are YOUR goals? What dreams did you have FOR YOU in 2017? Is becoming fitter, leaner and healthier what you’d like for yourself? Then meet us or book a…

New Year, New You?

Join our October programme and you’ll have completed the 12 weeks just in time for the New Year! What promises did you make yourself last NYE? To dedicate more time to you? To become fitter? To be leaner? To eat more healthy meals? We can help you achieve that before 2018!

Feel the fear & do it anyway!

Starting anything new always brings on fear. Don’t let it hold you back. Don’t take the easy route of staying the same. Start creating the you you want to be!