Drink, drink, drink, drink!

We love Ulla– our new personal hydration coach! We frequently do not drink enough water in our busy lives so Ulla steps in to remind us. It is a motion and proximity sensation device that can wrap it round any water bottle. It will blink to remind you to drink every 30-40 mins, yet turn…

Fr-iend-zy Friday!

We’re getting ready for our first Fr-iend-zy Friday when our members bring along a friend for FREE! #themorethemerrier #thosewhotraintogetherstaytogether

Sneak peak!

Wondering what we do in our group training sessions? Take a look at this week’s Monday session. Everyone was awesome!!  

Feeling peckish?

Feeling peckish but committed to your goal of healthy eating? Snack AND stay healthy with the following choices: sliced tomato with a sprinkle of feta and olive oil edamame beans ready-to-eat shrimps with chilli sauce carrots/cucumbers/celery with hoummus dried apricots or medjool dates slices of melon blue cheese & grapes nuts – ANY AND EVERY…